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Sex Doll Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines

Sex dolls cleaning steps:
It is important to keep the sex doll in a clean and hygienic condition, as this prevents bacteria from growing and is a benefit to its durability that makes the length of use much longer,  While also guarding the hygiene of the doll owner. However, cleaning also requires certain skills, and the wrong or frequent cleaning methods way of cleaning may lead to aging of the material, skin damage, and other problems.  For now, we would offer you more detailed information and approaches, set this doll from Starpery as our model, you can check out these tips on the blog before giving your love doll a clean job.

Frequency of sex doll cleaning:
After the first time uses your love doll, please give her a full body cleaning to erase the residue which may contain from manufacturing.
Our recommendation is to clean 1-2 times a month, which goes high or low matches your use rate, if the storage location of the sex doll does not tend to accumulate dust, you can properly stretch the cleaning interval according to the state of the doll's skin.
It is recommended to clean the important parts of the love doll after each use of her, such as the doll's mouth, vagina, and anus.

Cleaning and maintenance tools to be prepared:
·Clean water
·Shower gel
·Long sponge
·Soft non-fading towel
·Soft cotton cloth
·Absorbent towel
·Baby talcum powder
·Baby oil
·Vaginal Irrigator (vaginal Irrigator is given with each doll)

Clean Steps:

1. Skin
>Wet the towel or sponge with clean water and gently wipe the doll's skin.
>Pour shower gel on your hand, taping with water, then massage gently on the doll's skin to erase the filth.
>Rinse off the bubbles and dry the surface of the skin with a clean, soft cotton cloth.

2. Important parts
>Oral: Wipe the inside of the oral with a wet paper towel and repeat several times until it is clean and odorless.
>Vagina and anus: Wet a long sponge with clean water and the appropriate amount of body wash, insert it into the vagina and clean it, then take out the sponge and clean it. Repeat the above steps several times until no foreign substance feelings when you insert your hand into the vagina. You can also fill a vaginal Irrigator with a combination of water and shower gel, rinse by squeezing the mixture into the doll's vagina, then switch to plain water and rinse in several times.
Only to cope with the sex doll's vagina and anus parts, you can keep her in a flat position with an absorbent towel pad on her bottom to avoid wetting your sofa or floor.

Move the doll to the bathroom for a shower, but please NOTE* that:
>Keep the doll's head and neck dry as you can, or it may cause rusting of the screws which link the head and torso.
>Dolls with standing feet have screws on the bottom of the feet and should also avoid getting wet, it helps of wearing a pair of silicone socks.
(It's not a big issue of getting wet accidentally with the reactions followed in time, just dry it carefully and promptly after cleaning)


Dry Steps:
>Pat it dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth or towel. Do not wipe with tools that have a rough surface, as it may cause skin damage.
>Never use a hair dryer or other heating device! Waiting for the skin to dry naturally and then applying talcum powder to the doll will ensure that the skin of the love doll remains smooth. You can apply baby powder to your doll once every half month.  (Please apply it when it is dry and do not apply other substances on the skin)

Face Cleaning:
>When cleaning the face, release the head from the body and place it aside.
>Also, take off the wig.
>Wet a clean, soft sponge or cotton cloth with water and gently wipe the face.
>Take care of the eyeballs and eyelashes and avoid getting wet or any harm.
>Gently pat the face with a cotton cloth and get it to dry naturally.
>Do not submerge the doll's head in the water directly at any time.

Skin Maintenance:
When it realizes that the love doll's skin seems to be in poor condition, just for lacking some "moisturizing" you can use baby oil after water-clean. Pour the baby oil on your palm and spread it evenly on your doll.
*NOTE: No need to apply the baby oil too often, normally 2-3 times a year or the rate depends on your use situation.

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