We are an authorized retailer of the most popular and high-quality sex dolls, partnering with many famous brand sex doll manufacturers such as WM, JX, Starpery, and more. In addition to providing the best customer service to our customers, we also guarantee that all branded sex dolls you buy here are 100% authentic and of high quality. We are an approved and verified sex doll supplier, no fakes here!

Unfortunately, many buyers are deceived by illegal websites that show pictures of the best companies but offer sub-par cheap fakes. Therefore, buyers need to pay special attention to fake sex dolls and beware of being deceived!

On how to spot fake sex dolls:

1. Super cheap. Premium sex dolls start at over $1,000 and go up.
2. Fake sex dolls look fake and lack hand-painting, fine details, and facial features.
3. Some fake sex dolls leave seams during the molding process.
4. Many fake sex dolls are cheap inflatables covered with TPE, so they are too light.
5. Fakes may have a strong chemical smell. The authentic dolls sold by Sexdollsshow are made of high-quality materials and have no strange smells.
6. Beware of sites with hidden costs, no money-back guarantee, and no direct contact option!